What if Alden Ehrenreich is a better Han Solo than Harrison Ford? Saying that is blasphemous, I know. And a bit of a troll move. Some may think we're simply trying to anger Rose Tico-loving Youtubers, or trying to be contrarian. But we've only ever seen one man offer his interpretation of a character that has spanned a huge amount of media beyond the four movies he's appeared in thus far, not counting Solo.

As fans, we're so entrenched in what Harrison Ford did as the space smuggler, many of us will never be able to see past that and accept what Ehrenreich brings to the character. And for all we know, it could be a better interpretation as originally envisioned by George Lucas. Simply because what Harrison Ford means to all of us as Han Solo, will never realize that or accept it to be truth. Which is probably okay. We didn't really need this movie in the long run, as many fans have pointed out. But as Solo quickly approaches, I've decided to give Alden Ehrenreich the benefit of the doubt. Sure, the trailers don't bode well for the guy. But sometimes things are out of context. This could be great. Even if, in all likelyhood, it's probably not.

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Lucky attendees of the Cannes Film Festival will be treated to a screening of Solo this week, with the movie simultaneously premiering in Los Angeles on the same day. Alden Ehrenreich's young Han Solo performance will finally be put on display in full. Though, Donald Glover seems to be getting the most attention (as of now) for his portrayal of a young Lando Calrissian. Many Star Wars fans have been very skeptical of Ehrenreich's acting abilities in taking on such an iconic role. But seriously, what if Ehrenreich ends up doing an even better job that Harrison Ford did in the original trilogy? Ford famously gave Ehrenreich advise on how to approach the young Han Solo, and Alden had the benefit of working with long-time Star Wars enthusiast and Willow director Ron Howard, as well as George Lucas for one day of filming, which could hold the key to the young actor's success.

When Alden Ehrenreich signed on to play the young Han Solo in Solo: A Star Wars Story, Harrison Ford sat down with the young actor to give him some advice. Ford spoke about his experiences playing the iconic character as well as sharing some conversations that he had with George Lucas about the changes Han Solo went through over the years. Right there, Alden Ehrenreich is at an advantage because he was able to get invaluable advice where Harrison Ford had to pretty much go in blindly.

Alden Ehrenreich will also be playing a different version of Han Solo. Ron Howard has spoken out recently about this fact, pointing out that the young actor is not just trying to do a carbon copy of what Harrison Ford did in the original Star Wars trilogy. Ehrenreich has said that his version in Solo is "more of an idealist," which is quite different from the Corellian smuggler we've all come to know so well. We're going to see those young hopes and dreams get crushed in the spin-off movie, leading to the Harrison Ford version we all currently know.

Solo also gives Alden Ehrenreich the distinction of playing the young Han Solo from two different angles. Younger Star Wars fans who aren't so familiar with the original trilogy could end up liking the young idealist version of Han turning into the hardened realist better than what Harrison Ford did, just because Ehrenreich is able to go deeper and give fans a well-rounded look at this guy, showing different facets to his personality. Fans may enjoy the immature and inexperienced version of Han meeting up with the underworld for the first time, and watching all the changes happen.

There's no doubt that Alden Ehrenreich has some big shoes to fill. However, the young actor may end up shocking everybody and overshadowing Harrison Ford's portrayal of Han Solo. Seriously, it could happen. Wink. Solo: A Star Wars Story will show the young version of the character gaining respect while Ehrenreich tries to accomplish the same respect, but in real-life, proving himself to Star Wars fans of all ages as the worthy successor to the role. Alden Ehrenreich has many advantages that Harrison Ford did not have when he was starring as the character, which may very well end up with Ehrenreich as the superior Solo. Though, even if that does actually happen, many, if not almost all of us, will be blind to it simply because of what Harrison Ford's Han Solo means to us. And he means a lot. Solo hits theaters on May 25th and you can check out the latest trailer below, thanks to the Star Wars YouTube channel.

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