When it comes to the world of Star Wars, Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan are on opposite sides of the spectrum, as we learn in an exclusive clip from the upcoming Blu-ray and Digital HD release of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Lawrence Kasdan has co-written The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens, and the now, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which was co-written with his son, Jonathan. The elder Kasdan is a legend in the Star Wars community, and when it comes to the franchise, his son notes that he's more of a "purist.

Solo will hit home on VOD digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD and on Movies Anywhere staring September 14. Then the Blu-ray and DVD will arrive in stores and On-Demand September 25. Disney and Lucasfilm have provided us with this exclusive look, teasing the special features that we can expect.

In the Kasdan on Kasdan special feature on the Solo Blu-ray, Jon Kasdan admits to knowing a lot more about the official Star Wars canon than his father. Even though he's written four movies for the franchise, Lawrence Kasdan admits that he doesn't know nearly as much as Jonathan when it comes to the details and reveals that there are certain Star Wars films that he hasn't even seen. He went on to say that he's "faithful to the originals."

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It would seem that Lawrence Kasdan would fit in with a lot of hardcore Star Wars fans when it comes to liking the original trilogy over everything else that has come out since. However, Jonathan Kasdan grew up with the franchise and is a fan, which is why he has more of an extensive knowledge when it comes to the finer details, something that Lawrence Kasdan doesn't have. The elder Kasdan doesn't seem angry over the newest movies or the prequel trilogy, he just has a sense of pride for the work that he completed for the original trilogy.

When it came to time to write Solo together, Jonathan and Lawrence Kasdan stated that the story was always there from the beginning in a recent interview. Jonathan says that the third act changed a bit over time, but that their original story was always there, even when Chris Miller and Phil Lord were attached to direct the spin-off. Lord and Miller brought in a comedy aspect, which was later toned down when Ron Howard came on board, according to Kasdan. When Howard started up with the team, "he brought this kind of laser focus on story, and character, and emotion," says Kasdan.

In the end, Jonathan Kasdan has compared himself to the young Han Solo and likened his father to Tobias Beckett from Solo because Beckett has been around and seen so much more than the young Solo. Lawrence Kasdan helped shape the legend of the original Star Wars trilogy, working on two out of three of the most iconic films in cinematic history, so he was able to school his son by the end of their collaboration. Jonathan Kasdan admits that he is "less innocent" not than he was before starting the project. You can watch the exclusive clip from the upcoming Solo VOD Digital HD release and Blu-ray below.

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