Ron Howard has included his brother Clint Howard in many of his movies over the years, and Star Wars fans have been wondering since last summer if Clint was going to make an appearance in Solo: A Star Wars Story. At the time, Howard told Clint fans that they wouldn't be "disappointed," but never directly confirmed a cameo. That all changed this weekend when the director shared a picture from the editing bay with Clint Howard looking a little out of sorts as a yet to be officially named member of the official Star Wars canon.

Ron Howard shared an image of Clint Howard in Solo, while the production team was putting the final touches on the sound editing. In addition to the announcement of Clint's cameo, Howard also revealed that the movie has now officially wrapped, now that all of the sound editing is complete. Star Wars fans have been warming up to the Solo movie now that there has been a decent amount of footage released. However, there are still some fans that are pretty skeptical.

Clint Howard has shown up in a number of Ron Howard productions over the years, including Eat My Dust, Apollo 13, Cocoon, Splash, The Grinch, and Far and Away, to name a few. He also appeared on Arrested Development, which Howard produces and narrates. Clint has over 200 TV and movie credits to his name and snagged a role in Rob Zombie's upcoming 3 From Hell as Mr. Baggy Britches.

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Ron Howard took over the directorial duties of Solo: A Star Wars Story last summer from Chris Miller and Phil Lord, who were fired from the project for creative differences. Miller and Lord's style of working apparently didn't sit well with what Lucasfilm is used to doing. Howard was brought in to handle reshoots and reportedly ended up redoing nearly the entire picture, resulting in a sole directing credit for the iconic filmmaker. In a recent interview, Ron Howard called Solo a "rite of passage" for the young Han. He explains.

"The story sends him on an unexpected journey that hurtles him into a dangerous world surrounded by charismatic but lawless characters. And that's where he needs to try to make his way and gain his freedom. So, so much of this is about trying to satisfy that yearning to really be free, to really call his own shots in a very lawless part of the galaxy and at a time when it was wide-open."

Solo: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters on May 25th, which is about a month away from this writing. While there has been some negativity surrounding the project, many Star Wars fans are simply excited to see a new movie in such a short amount of time from the release of The Last Jedi. Plus, we all have a new Clint Howard cameo to look forward to, which is also pretty exciting. You can check out the big reveal of Clint's introduction into the Star Wars universe below, thanks to Ron Howard's Twitter account.

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Kevin Burwick