When Ron Howard was working on Solo, he revealed that Star Wars Legends characters Tag and Bink were going to make an appearance in the movie. However, when the film hit theaters, Tag and Bink were nowhere to be found, leading to some slight disappointment from hardcore Star Wars fans. Now that the movie is coming to digital outlets and Blu-ray this month, Lucasfilm has been promoting the release with some of the deleted scenes, including Imperial Cadet, which briefly features Tag and Bink.

The Imperial Cadet scene starts with young Han Solo's piloting skills while attending the Imperial Academy. Things don't start so well, and the young pilot is swiftly put in front of the Commodore for the destruction that he created. It's in this scene that Tag and Bink are featured, albeit briefly. Even though there's not a whole lot of shots with the Star Wars Legends characters, the scene gives more input as to how much time Solo dedicated to the young pilot's time with the Empire.

While Solo didn't bring in the promised Tag and Bink cameo, the novelization gave them slightly more to do. According to the novel, Han Solo was all set to befriend the duo until he figured out that they are "colossal screwups." Even then, Solo decided that he needed as many allies as he could get while serving his time with the Empire, but Tag and Bink turned him down, which was probably for the better. The young pilot was then stationed on Mimban as an infantryman where he later comes into contact with Tobias Beckett and meets Chewbacca for the first time.

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Jonathan Kasdan, who co-wrote Solo with his father, noted that the Imperial portion of the film was in all of the versions of the script, but Ron Howard still ended up cutting it. Kasdan played Bink in the movie and at one point, he and Tag were going to escort the young Han Solo out of the courtroom, which is replaced with a quick edit straight to Mimban with Solo flying through the air in the new Solo deleted scene. Howard even included his wife Cheryl in the scene, which is something that the director does in every film out of superstition, but still decided to cut the scene, forcing him to put Cheryl somewhere else in the film with the use of CGI.

Even though the Imperial Cadet deleted Solo scene is just under two minutes long, one can see why it was left on the cutting room floor. It doesn't really give any background about Han Solo's ability to fly, and instead makes him seem pretty incompetent. You can watch the scene below, thanks to Entertainment Weekly. Solo will be available this Friday, September 14th digitally and the Blu-ray edition will be released on September 25th. Both editions come with all of the bonus features.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick