Rumors abound that the first Solo trailer is dropping this week. There has been much fanfare over the second Star Wars Story, most of it not good. And there have been a lot of behind-the-scenes images, mostly shared by director Ron Howard. One leaked image clearly shows a taxidermied Ewok behind a glass case. Though it's highly suspect whether or not the Ewok, or others like it will show up in the movie. It's definitely there on set. But we might be looking at one of the many deleted scenes that will forever go unwatched in the Lucasfilm vault.

The image in question was leaked from the set before Ron Howard came in and took over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were fired. Images from this scene were some of the first to come online, giving fans a first look at the movie. And it clearly looks like a rip-off of that Collector scene from Guardians of the Galaxy, where Howard the Duck was caged in a glass box. Only here the Ewok is stuffed and not alive, unlike Howard.

It seems unlikely that the Ewoks will play a key role in the story, but who knows. These images are from a time when the movie had a much more comedic tone. And this scene would have been played for laughs. There are a ton of Easter eggs here, but it's possible that this is one of the many scenes Ron Howard looked at and rejected. Also, it's a bit weird that they would do a scene so closely resembling another Disney movie.

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Ewoks were at one time in Solo. Will they remain? Will they be more than a fleeting Easter egg? It seems unlikely. Especially with the movie introducing its own cuddle creature of sorts. For the first time ever, fans will get to see the Corillian Hounds on the big screen. Savage mutts who roam the wastelands of Han Solo's home planet of Corillia. Though they are also often domesticated and turned into pets just like earth bound dogs and cats.

Solo is just four months away. And from the short amount of footage that was shown off, it's been concluded that this spin-off is chock fun of fan service. Which isn't sitting right with some, but as we've seen with The Last Jedi, hardcore fans through a fit when Star Wars movies go too far off script. So some good old fashion nostalgia might just be what fans need right now. And an Ewok in a glass case isn't too offensive, and could garner a quick chuckle from the mom and pop crowd who were around when the space pirate was first introduced.

Long ago there were rumors that Han Solo would fly to Endor, but that's mostly been proven false over the last year, and considering Solo's story arc in Return of the Jedi, it opens some pretty big plot holes. In fact, Solo looking at an Ewok in a glass case my stumble the canon.

The recent synopsis confirms that Chewbacca and Han Solo will first meet in this Star Wars Story. Chewbacca is freed from slavery. Are the Ewoks also slaves? That's a possibility, as the Empire traffics in oppressive slavery, but again, that could open the door to some potentially huge plot holes. As it doesn't appear that Han and Chewy have ever encountered the creatures prior to Return of the Jedi. If Chewbacca was working along side a few of them in the Spice Mines of Kessel, surely he would have recognized them when they joined the Rebels in a fight to bring down the second Death Star. If they are still in the film, they will appear as we see them here, in a glass case in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it Easter egg shot. We believe that this scene has been completely excised from the movie as it stands. But actor Donald Glover, who plays Lando says some of this stuff has stayed in the movie. This was first reported on at Dork Side of the Force.

B. Alan Orange