Remember Tam Posla? We're sure you don't. Unless you're a true Star Wars nerd who obsesses over every little single bit of minutia. This character was first introduced in Rogue One. And now he's back, appearing for a second time in Solo: A Star Wars Story, which hits theaters this summer. How do we know this? Cause the character is featured as a cool little Easter egg in the new Solo trailer that dropped on all our faces this past Sunday.

The latest Star Wars trailer has quite a few franchise Easter eggs. Director Ron Howard knows this series well. And he has a crack team of weirdos running a smorgasbord of ancillary materials. So it shouldn't come as a shock that the second standalone adventure ties into the first with a cool Rogue One cameo.

Meet Tam Posla. You can find this heavily costumed character standing behind Han at the fifty-eight second mark in what is assumed to be the final trailer for Solo. The character first showed up in Rogue One as one of the many denizens of Jedha. He was spotted walking through the Temple City, but you may have been too distracted by Walrus Man's unexpected drop-in to notice. While we learned little to noting at all about this creature in the actual movie itself, Tam Posla was later fleshed out in Rogue One's Ultimate Visual Guide.

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I think it's safe to call Tam a he, but you can't ever be to careful nowadays for fear of upsetting someone's gender politics. Posla is a lawman from the Milvayne Authority. He broke away from that job to go AWOL and become a bounty hunter. Interestingly enough, he was hunting down Ponda Baba (aka Walrus Man) and Doctor Evazan on the Jedi holy planet. Star Wars writers have gravitated towards the bounty hunter and his cool look. Not only did he show up in Rogue One, and now Solo, but Tam is also featured in Kieron Gillen's Doctor Aphra comic book series as a secondary character.

The good news is that Solo will have a heavy bounty hunter contingent running through its slick veins. Which leads us closer to believing Boba Fett might actually show up. The movie will show us how Han Solo met his life mate Chewbacca and his friend Lando. Though some might not necessarily consider that necessary.

Solo takes place roughly ten years before the events of Rogue One. So ten years before he was hunting down Walrus Man, Tam was watching Han Solo play a came of Sabacc in a dirty gambling den full of weirdos and alien munchers feeding themselves on space pasta. It hasn't been revealed if Posla is yet again a mere background player, or if he'll serve a bigger role this time around. We're guessing he'll get an action figure out of the deal if nothing else. Though he did not get one of those swell Denny's trading cards from Topps. As far as we can tell, Sreen Rant was the first to discover this cool Easter egg hiding in the dirty blues and muddy browns of the latest trailer, which you can check out here.

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