With just under one month left until the next Star Wars Story hits theaters, Topps trading card company will be unveiling a new card each day as part of their Countdown to Solo on May 25. Today's card, the fourth in this ongoing series, features Thandie Newton's Val and Woody Harrelson's Beckett, who are both seen in the trenches together. But this photo also confirms that Val is actually a Mudtrooper. This is an intriguing new piece of information, as we get ready for this movie's release.

Almost exactly a year ago, a report revealed a number of character names for Solo: A Star Wars Story, although it wasn't revealed at the time who would be playing these roles. Val was said to be a female who has "top billing," so many assumed it was either Emilia Clarke or Thandie Newton. The character was said to be involved in a number of action sequences and stunts, but that was all that was revealed at that time.

Then back in February, the first footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story was unveiled, which confirmed Thandie Newton as Val. It was later revealed that Val is part of a crime syndicate family that Han Solo is introduced to through Tobias Beckett (Woody Harrelson). Val and Beckett have been partners for quite some time, with Kathleen Kennedy revealing that Becket is "tied" to Val, and that's how Han Solo first meets her. Still, this is the first time we've seen that Val is actually an Imperial Mudtrooper.

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We first learned about the Mudtroopers back in March, when a report revealed that both Han Solo and Chewbacca get captured by these newly introduced Stormtroopers and are trapped on Mimban, a swamp planet that has never been seen in any of the live action movies before. Mimban was previously referenced in a 2008 episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. As for Val being a Mudtrooper, there is no indication how that aspect of this character will fit into the story, but it's possible that she is only disguised as a Mudtrooper in this photo. Regardless, we'll find out for sure in less than a month.

For those Star Wars fans who are also trading card enthusiasts, you can purchase this card from the Topps website for just $9.99, although this card will only be available for today only, with a new card debuting tomorrow. Take a look at this trading card below, featuring Val as a Mudtrooper.

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