The movie has only been in theaters for 11 days, but it's never too early to talk Blu-Ray. Home Media Magazine recently spoke to Pineapple Express co-writer/star Seth Rogen about the film's Blu-Ray treatment, including a video game that will be included in this 1080p release.

"With Blu-ray you can actually download material onto the DVD from the Internet," Rogen said. "So I think they're putting the video game and stuff on the Internet."

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The writer/actor added that this won't be a high-quality video game but could provide some entertainment at the office.

"It's like the sh*ttiest video game you've ever seen, but it's a video game and you can download it," he said. "It's like Donkey Kong, kind of. In 1983, it would've been amazing, but it's a game so you can kill some time at work."

Rogen also stated that there will likely be a lot of extra footage and deleted scenes on the disc.

"We did shoot a lot of extra stuff," Rogen said. "We shot a lot of actors we know playing weird characters and coming and buying weed off of Saul in the apartment, guys like Martin [Starr] and Justin Long and a bunch of actors, whoever was around, Craig Robinson and people in the movie."

There were also several different versions of the opening of the film shot with different actors, and those could be included as well.

"We did more experiments in the '50s," he said. "We got every actor we know to come in and do kind of little item-nine experiments, as we called them. I don't know if any of it is funny. It could all suck. I haven't seen any of it."

Pineapple Express is currently playing in theaters now and we'll be sure to keep you posted as soon as word of this film's DVD and Blu-Ray release is known.