Goonies 2: Harry over at Ain't It Cool News has been consulting with major players about the whole "Groonies" title for the forthcoming Goonies sequel. Here's what he found out:

Been poking around a bit on this whole "Groonies" thing... it just doesn't sound right, and sure enough it isn't. The current working title on the script by Michael (X2/CHARLIE CHAN/WAKE THE DEAD) Dougherty and his sometimes writing partner Dan (X2/IMAGINARY HEROES) Harris isn't GROONIES, but rather... "GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE"!!! Now that's a title! Turns that the "Groonies" thing all came from a misunderstanding from an interview with Richard Donner. You see, in the film the group of new kids in the story get the name of the original group mixed up and call themselves "Groonies" then are set right by the original gang. Apparently it is a one line gag in the movie. RELATED: The Goonies 2 Might Still Happen with the Right Director Says Corey Feldman

So there we have it... apparently Dougherty and Harris are hammering away at the script which hasn't been delivered yet, but all seem quite enthusiastic based upon their pitch.