Sonic the Hedgehog creator Yuji Naka still has a pretty big problem with the movie's redesign. Yesterday, fans were treated to the first trailer with the newly redesigned hedgehog. For the most part, video game fans seem to be satisfied with the outcome, which should come as no surprise. The first design of the character was pretty bad, to say the least, so any improvements were going to be a major step in the right direction for the big screen adaptation.

While Sonic The Hedgehog fans are happy with Paramount's new design, the mastermind behind the character still has some gripes. When we first saw the movie version of the iconic hedgehog, he had some human features, including long legs, teeth, and eyes. The original design was rather horrifying. Now, we have something that is much closer to the character that fans know and love as seen in the Sonic the Hedgehog redesign trailer, though Yuji Naka still wished there were further changes. He explains.

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"This is the new trailer with Sonic's new design. The design is much more Sonic-like now that he's wearing gloves. However, his eyes still aren't joined together, as expected. I can't help but feel weird about that one point. But I'm looking forward to the movie's release."

Yes, we all know that Sonic's eyes aren't joined together. While that has been a sticking point for some fans, it appears that the new design is something that fans, for the most part, can get behind. The internet blew up when the first trailer was released as everybody caught a glimpse of what the hedgehog was going to look like on the big screen. Now that the design is gone, Yuji Naka still wants to see a cut of the original movie. He had this to say.

"Sonic's new design for the movie is out. However, it seems they're making it as if the old design didn't exist, as the movie official account's old tweets were deleted. I wanted to see a special DVD version of the movie which used the old design. Too bad."

After all of that uproar, Paramount listened to fans and went back for a full Sonic The Hedgehog redesign. While it's not clear at the moment, the movie was more than likely never complete with the first unpopular design. Even if a cut of the initial design was floating around, the studio would more than likely not put it out at all.

Sonic The Hedgehog was supposed to be in theaters this month, but it was pushed back due to the redesign. While many were expecting something a lot worse, it appears that Paramount has proven to be successful with the redesign campaign. Even some fans who were dead set against the whole idea in the first place are starting to come around to the movie now. You can check out Yuji Naka's Twitter thoughts below.