Conan O'Brien trolled the haters of the original Sonic the Hedgehog movie design in a massive way. The trailer was released earlier this week and it featured the newly designed hedgehog. Fans of the character were outraged when they saw the first design and they let the world know all about it.

The movie was being roasted and turned into a meme sensation nearly overnight, which led to the studio caving and announcing a Sonic redesign. This ended pushing the movie back a few months as the creative team behind the movie scrambled to get a better design that fans would embrace. You can watch the potentially NSFW video of Conan's new Sonic below.

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Luckily, fans seemed to like the Sonic the Hedgehog Redesign trailer. A lot of the things that people responded negatively to have been removed from Sonic the Hedgehog, including the human teeth, which Conan O'Brien touches on. In order to address the redesign and the haters of the original design, O'Brien welcomed the new Sonic to the show, though he came out with something nobody really expected.

"I do see the human teeth are gone, is there anything else about your new design you might want to address, Sonic?" Conan O'Brien asked a life-sized version of Sonic the Hedgehog. The character took to the stage with a gigantic phallus between his legs, which was barely blurred out. "Oh, you're right, Conan. I did forget something pretty huge..." Sonic said, adding, "... my fans!" O'Brien then let the iconic blue hedgehog address the crowd. Sonic had this to say.

"You people could have directed your outrage at any number of injustices around the world. But you chose to spend your time and energy complaining about the design of an animated movie character based on a video game... from the '90s. So remember fans, everything you see here is all because of you. See you at the movies you time-wasting trolls! Later!"

Conan O'Brien raises a pretty good point about what people choose to get outraged over these days. Jim Carrey stars as the villainous Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog and spoke about the design controversy over the summer. While he wasn't worried about how the movie will be effected by the whole thing, he was concerned with something else. "Sometimes, you find the collective consciousness finds it wants something and then when it gets it," says the actor. He concluded by saying, "Ownership of anything is going out the window for all of us."

Taking Sonic the Hedgehog and giving him a new look was a massive undertaking. It could have easily backfired for the studio, but it seems that the fans are now looking forward to seeing the movie. Some fans seemed to be surprised that they liked the new design so much after thinking they were going to hate it, which seems to be common from the social media reactions. The newly designed Sonic video comes to us from the Team Coco YouTube channel.