While we've seen various historical statues desecrated or completely removed in recent weeks in the United States, the opposite is happening in the forests of Japan, where an unusual Sonic the Hedgehog has mysteriously been restored. For years, images and videos of the Sonic statue have been captured by passersby sharing the bizarre sight on YouTube and social media. Featuring the universe's fastest rodent with one fist raised as he rides a snowboard, the Sonic statue had been in pretty rough shape after being exposed to the elements outside for so long.

Now, it has been discovered that Japan's seemingly randomly-placed Sonic the Hedgehog statue has been restored to its former glory, as seen in new images of the video game statue posted online. Looking brand new, Sonic has apparently been given a shiny new coat of paint, looking more vibrant than ever with bright blue, red, and white colors. Sonic's nose, which had also been busted off many years prior, has also been restored, making the statue look pristine. "Sonic in Takao, Iga City, has become beautiful!!" one tweet reads in Japanese.

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Thanks to TheGamingBeaver on YouTube, the backstory for the Sonic the Hedgehog statue has also been uncovered. It has been learned that the statue originated from SegaWorld, and was later auctioned off after a remodeling of the park. The buyer of the statue, identified as Mr. Kadeo, lives nearby to where the statue was placed, and according to a Japanese television station's report, he placed it there as a landmark to help visitors find his home. Presumably, Mr. Kadeo is fully aware of the restoration of the statue, but it remains unclear if he ordered or paid for the process personally, or if it was a volunteer job done by Sega representatives or merely big Sonic the Hedgehog fans.

As the Sega mascot, Sonic has been popular with gamers for decades, dating back to when Sonic the Hedgehog games were at the peak of their popularity on the original Sega Genesis. He has recently enjoyed a resurgence in popularity thanks to the success of the movie adaptation, which was released earlier this year. Featuring Ben Schwartz as the voice of Sonic and Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnik, the movie was a big hit at the box office and set the record for the biggest opening weekend for a video game movie. An official sequel has already been greenlit and is set to be released in 2022.

As of now, it's still unclear who restored the legendary Sonic the Hedgehog statue. It has been speculated that Sony was directly involved with the restoration, perhaps considering the quality of the job and the effort and money required to complete it. Alternatively, it's just as possible that the property owner had a few extra bucks to have the landmark restored. In any case, it makes for an awesome sight and it's fun to know that Sonic is always hanging out with his snowboard somewhere in Japan. This news comes to us from Polygon.

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