A new Sons of Anarchy Season 7 trailer offers our first real look at the final episodes set to premiere on September 9th. Jax (Charlie Hunnam) is in prison, where he desires revenge as part of the grieving process. We see him talking with his counselor, played by CCH Pounder, who attempts to guide him through these troubled times. Jax has already lost the woman he loves, he's not going to lose his club. Watch as he does everything in his power to save himself and his men. Sons of Anarchy returns with an epic 90-minute premiere this fall. We also get a second trailer, which teases the return of Jax's club and the coming of the 'crows of death'. Who will live and who will die? Find out as Sons of Anarchy Season 7 brings everything to a close on FX this September.

Sons of Anarchy creator Kurt Sutter has also posted a new image of Charlie Hunnam and his back tattoo that further teases the death elements in the final season of FX's hit drama. Check it out:

Following the arrest of Tara and Clay, Jax struggles to hold SAMCRO together while Tara is imprisoned. Toric approaches both Tara and Clay and offers them deals in exchange for giving up SAMCRO; both initially refuse, but Clay later relents when confronted with being thrown into the prison's general population and assuredly being killed by inmates paid off by Damon Pope's men as a retaliation for Pope's murder. Juice returns to Charming after helping Bobby relocate after stepping down as VP, which angers Chibs, who doesn't believe Juice has been punished enough for talking to cops and later beats him. The Club also deals with a group of Iranian torture-porn filmmakers who abused Lyla; as the conflict heats up cops show up and arrest everyone; the SAMCRO members are handed off to Charlie Berosky, a crooked cop, who cuts deals with the locals, agrees with SAMCRO that the torture porn has to go, and has the Iranians evicted.

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As Tig releases the director, the man makes a crass comment about Tig's daughter. Tig then snaps and drowns the man in a bathtub filled with urine. The premiere ends with a young child, seen periodically throughout the episode, who approaches a school and pulls a machine pistol out of his backpack. He loads the weapon and enters the school; shortly thereafter screams and gunfire are heard. SAMCRO is targeted for this shooting as the supplier.

Toric, after giving SAMCRO trouble, accuses them of a school mass murder, which later gets him killed through an incident with Otto. Otto is shot down by guards in the prison hospital. District Attorney Patterson, who was working with Toric, is trying to put an end to SAMCRO by trying to get Tara to testify against them. She is offered a deal twice and accepts along with the help of Jax, sending him to jail and allowing Tara to leave Charming with Abel and Thomas. After getting drunk and high, Gemma heads over to Jax's house, feeling betrayed by Tara for trying to take her grandchildren, and finds Tara.

Tara is brutally beaten, and after an attempted drowning in the kitchen sink is stabbed in the back of the head with a meat fork by Gemma. Roosevelt walks in and is shot in the back by Juice to protect Gemma. Later that night Jax walks in to the house and finds the dead Roosevelt and Tara on the kitchen floor and falls to his knees, crying. Patterson walks in to find the scene and Jax screams in agony, ending the season.

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