/channing-tatum-attached-to-peter-pan-begins/Last week, it was noted that buff tough guy Channing Tatum was eager to don green tights for an origin story titled Peter Pan Begins, with Billy Ray writing the script and Joe Roth producing. Today, it has been announced that Sony Pictures has acquired the rights to this fantasy adventure.

The project drew strong interest from three separate studios, with Sony winning out at $1 million. Basically, Channing Tatum and Billy Ray said, "Lets earn a quick buck." They grabbed the nearest children's book with the idea of making a prequel. And tah-dah, a deal was born!

This new retelling of the old classic, which has had two recent live action adaptations, will re-envision Peter Pan and Captain Hook as brothers. No other story details were given at this time. There is no set start date, but the movie will likely come after Channing Tatum finishes G.I. Joe 2 and 21 Jump Street.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange