SciFi Wire recently got word from director Sam Raimi that Sony Pictures has plans for creating a total of 6 Spider-man films based on the popular comic franchise. Continuing what has already been set into motion, Spider-man 3 is set for release in May of 2007 and will include the return of Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco to their respective roles.

Spider-Man director Sam Raimi told SCI FI Wire that Sony Pictures plans to make six of the comic-inspired films, and that he'd consider helming them if he feels as strongly about them as he does about the upcoming third installment. "I've heard Amy Pascal [chairman of Sony's motion picture group] say she wants to make six Spider-Man pictures," Raimi said in an interview at the Saturn Awards in Los Angeles. "So I think she's a woman of her word. And if she says there'll be six, there'll be six. ... If they were to ask me, and if I felt as passionate as I feel now about the character and had this great hunger and desire to tell the story, which I really do now, you couldn't keep me away from it." RELATED: Marvel Sues to Keep Avengers, Iron Man and Spider-Man Rights in the MCU

Raimi said the upcoming third Spider-Man film will in part chart Peter Parker's (Tobey Maguire) interior journey as he deals with his feelings about the death of his beloved Uncle Ben.

"The task that I had was to try and understand where he was when we last left him ... at the end of Spider-Man 2, trying to figure out what he lacked as a human being, as far as where he was immature and what he had not learned," Raimi said. "And certainly there's so much for that kid to learn. He really has been denied a social life. He's just been focused on being this do-gooder. And never really even dealing with the death of his uncle, just paying down his guilt with every criminal he brings to justice, never really addressing his own guilt that he feels in his heart and coming to terms with it. He's never really looked inside himself. So I think this picture ... he's going to have [to] look a little more inside himself and recognize and deal with some of the deficiencies that he has as a human being."

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