After reacquiring the rights to Spider-Man from Disney, Sony is wasting no time setting up their own Marvel cinematic universe. TheWrap reports that Robert Orci has been tapped to write the script for an untitled Marvel movie for Sony.

Orci was one of the writers involved in drafting the script for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, back before the MCU was the juggernaut it is today, and the only Spider-Man people saw onscreen was the one played by Andrew Garfield. Although there is no confirmation yet about the specific Marvel character Orci is writing the script for, there are rumors that it is a separate Marvel property than the immensely popular Spider-Man franchise.

Apart from his work on the Amazing Spider-Man movie, Roberto Orci has a number of prestigious franchise credits to his name, including Transformers, Mission Impossible and Star Trek. The writer/filmmaker has also had a distinguished TV career, winning an Emmy among other awards for shows like Fringe. Sleepy Hollow and Matador.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was far from a success for Sony. The film was criticized for being too long, stuffing too many villains into the narrative, and being in such a hurry to set up a cinematic universe that it skipped on telling a good standalone story. So poor was the reception that Sony scrapped their plans for multiple sequels, and the character of Spidey temporarily wound up in the hands of Disney.

Now that Spider-Man is back in Sony's hands, their plans for their own version of the MCU populated with multiple Marvel properties that the company owns are charging ahead. Venom is getting multiple sequels, crossing over with Spider-Man at some point in the future. Morbius, the living vampire is getting his own movie, while a Black Cat feature has long been in the works.

Many other Marvel characters like "Nightwatch," "Silk," "Silver" and "Black," have also been licensed out to Sony, although reports are scarce so far about specific movie adaptations for any of them. Having already tried and failed to set up a Sinister Six spin-off and "Villains cinematic universe" with The Amazing Spider-Man 2, not to mention many fans still sore about what they see as Sony poaching Spider-Man from the MCU where he truly belongs, the company has to tread a careful path while building their new Marvel movieverse to keep all corners of the fandom happy.

For this year, the success of that endeavor will be determined by the box-office reception of Venom 2 in October and Morbius in July. Both films are said to be taking the DCEU route rather than Disney by going for an R-rating to present a superhero film about anti-heroes filled with plenty of graphic violence. After all, both characters that the films center on, one being a psychopathic alien cannibal symbiote and the other a literal vampire, belong to the darkest regions of the Spider-Man world, and that is what fans are expecting from their onscreen iterations as well.

Neeraj Chand