According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony Pictures is postponing the release of All the King's Men -- in which Sean Penn will take on the role of fictional Southern politician Willie Stark under the direction of Steve Zaillian -- from December 16 until next year.

The film, which Sony had intended to push for Oscar consideration, does not have a new release date, but Jeff Blake, Sony chairman of worldwide marketing and distribution, said the film will be teed up next year at a date appropriate for awards consideration.

"We have every confidence that when this is finished, we'll have that kind of movie," he said. Men completed filming in April, but Zaillian is still editing the film and its music isn't finished. Producer Mike Medavoy, chairman and co-founder of Phoenix Pictures, said there is footage that Zaillian still hasn't yet reviewed. "We know we have a great movie, but we don't have the music set, and there is still editing to be done," he said. "We were basically rushing to do something to soothe my ego, and that's not good enough."