Monster House: According to Variety, Sony has picked up the animated pic Monster House from DreamWorks, where it was in turn-around.

The pic will be the second film made using "performance capture" animation -- which will first be showcased in Warner Bros.' The Polar Express this November.

Robert Zemeckis' ImageMovers shingle is producing both pics.

Move is fitting as Sony Pictures Imageworks developed the performance capture system -- known as ImageMotion -- which believably records the movements of characters, such as Tom Hanks' in The Polar Express.

"Monster House" will begin production at Imageworks on Aug. 23.

"Monster House" is based on a pitch by Gil Kenan, who will also direct the pic, about three kids who discover that a neighbor's house is a living, breathing monster. They try to stop the house's evil plans, though adults don't believe their claims.