Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Lionsgate think the horror business is mighty good.

In a story from Home Media Retailing, they say that based on VideoScan's top 100 selling horror titles of the year, Sony and Lionsgate accounted for 60% of horror sales in 2006.

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Sony was number one with "38% of unit sales among the top 100 horror sellers." Lionsgate placed second with 22.9%.

The big numbers came from sequels to titles. For Sony they had Underworld: Evolution which "was the No. 1 horror title in 2006." Once again, Lionsgate placed second with Saw II.

Warner Home Video came in third with 13.4%. A big part of their market share came from New Line's DVD release of Final Destination 3 (as well as other films in that collection) and titles in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise.

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment obtained 12% of their market share via releases like The Hills Have Eyes and The Omen.

Lastly, Genius Products did quite well in it's first year with the Weinstein Company garnering 3% of the market due to titles such as Wolf Creek and Pulse.

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