Sony Pictures has picked up the rights to Michael and Peter Spierig's sci-fi action-thriller Predestination. The project is reuniting the brothers with Ethan Hawke, who worked together on Daybreakers.

The film follows the life of a time traveling government agent sent on a series of time travel journeys designed to stop future killers. The script is being written by the brothers.

The directing duo recently interviewed and explained the inspiration for the film.

"Predestination is based on the classic Robert A. Heinlein short story "All you Zombies." No, it's not a Zombie flick but it's one of our favorite short stories and is unlike anything you've ever read before. The short is on many sci-fi lists as one of the greatest short stories of all time, and the mother of all time paradox tales. Robert A. Heinlein is considered one of the great science fiction masters alongside Phillip K. Dick, Isaac Asimov, and Arthur C. Clarke."

Production is slated to begin early next year in Australia.