While Sony has denied that they are doing a complete revamp of their most important franchise after The Amazing Spider-Man 2 failed to live up to expectations this summer, it seems that may not be the case. Deadline claims the studio is doing a top-to-bottom revamp, and are planning a female led superhero movie set within the The Amazing Spider-Man universe for release in 2017.

The Sinister Six will be the next movie Sony releases in their ongoing The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, a spin-off that will focus on six main villains who come together for a common cause. It will be in theaters November 16, 2016. Drew Goddard is set to write and direct that spin-off, with Avi Arad and Matthew Tolmach producing. It hasn't been confirmed which villains will appear in the spin-off, but Vulture, Mysterio, Electro, Kraven the Hunter and Sandman were teased during The Amazing Spider-Man 2's end credits scene, leading many to think that this will be the spin-off's lineup.

Here's what an unidentified source had to say about Drew Goddard's involvement.

"Having Goddard on board places the movie in the hands of someone who has lived in this world. If you look at The Cabin in the Woods, he did such a phenomenal job on that in redefining and commenting on the genre while also completely embracing it. He's a fanboy which compliments his talents as a filmmaker."

After The Sinister Six, Sony will tackle this mysterious female-lead superhero project, with the studio hiring Lisa Joy Nolan to write the script. Among the possibilities for this female superhero movie are Silver Sable, Black Cat, Stunner, Firestarter and Spider-Woman, but the character's identity has not been confirmed yet.

Of course, Black Cat was already introduced in this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, played by Felicity Jones, so it's possible that she could be the subject of this mystery movie.

Here's what another unidentified source had to say about the growing appetite for female-lead action movies.

"What other movies we could do was something everyone started talking about when shooting the last movie. With Salt, Wanted and Lucy, there is a huge appetite for this right now. The one thing you can't ignore is the fans. There was a rejection going on with having another Spider-Man come out so soon, and you have to listen to the fans in this world. We all took a good look in the mirror and said, we have to try to have to figure it out and revamp it."

Deadline also reports that Sony is completely re-thinking where to go next with The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which was recently moved to 2018 while The Sinister Six was shifted to 2016. The report also reveals that the Venom spin-off, reportedly entitled Venom Carnage, is also being eyed for a 2017 release.

What do you think about this news? Are you excited for a female-lead superhero movie in the Spider-Man universe? Chime in with your thoughts below.