Sony is ushering in a new era of "green" DVD's, starting with its loveable mall cop. According to Variety, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will kick off a new era of environmentally-friendly DVD packaging starting with Paul Blart: Mall Cop on May 19.

The studio will release all of its standard-definition DVD's from Paul Blart: Mall Cop on, in new lighter packaging that uses 20% less plastic than traditional DVD packaging. The discs will also come in shrinkwrap that is 20% lighter and the paper the artwork is printed on will contain 30% post-consumer waste, as opposed to the 100% virgin paper the studio previously used. The studio's goal is to reduce the carbon emissions from its DVD production and distribution by 2 million pounds by year's end.

"For the last couple of years, we have been looking at ways to be sustainable and make a difference," said Wong. "I think our industry and our studio is really committed to environmental issues. All the studios are."

It was said that the DVD's will no longer come with a cardboard slipcover which, according to Sony, would save 2,200 trees or 322 tons of wood, for just one disc.