While Sony has released select titles with new BD Live software, the company is getting behind BD Live 100% in the future. According to Video Business, Sony has announced at EMA's Home Media Expo in Las Vegas that all future Sony Blu-Ray releases will be outfitted with BD Live capabilities.

While the number of features on each new BD Live disc will vary, certain elements like downloadable trailers will be implemented into all Sony BD discs released after last week's Men in Black Blu-Ray release.

"We have seen a great response so far," said Rich Marty, Sony's VP of new business development. "Twenty percent of people who bought the titles are activating BD Live, and of that 20%, 75% went and downloaded something from the discs. There is an appetite for this."

Sony's first BD Live titles were Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story and The 6th Day. Marty also added that Sony plans to create red-carpet events that can be viewed by users on the BD Live network.

"We are in the early days of BD Live, and this is just a taste of what the technology can do," he said.