It's been seven years since The Sopranos went off the air, with a finale that left fans scratching their heads ever since. While most believed Tony Soprano (James Gandolfini) would be either killed or arrested when the series came to a close, series creator David Chase created one of the most polarizing final episodes of all time, with Tony eating at a popular diner with his family, just before looking up as the show cuts to black. Fans have wondered in the seven years that followed, whether Tony is alive or dead, although David Chase would never publicly reveal the mobster's fate.

Earlier today, Vox claimed that the series creator finally gave a concrete response, when a journalist asked David Chase if Tony Soprano was dead.

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Here's what the series creator reportedly said.

"No, he isn't."

However, David Chase's publicist responded later in the day with the following statement that his quote was taken out of context.

"A journalist for Vox misconstrued what David Chase said in their interview. To simply quote David as saying, 'Tony Soprano is not dead,' is inaccurate. There is a much larger context for that statement and as such, it is not true. As David Chase has said numerous times on the record, 'Whether Tony Soprano is alive or dead is not the point.' To continue to search for this answer is fruitless. The final scene of The Sopranos raises a spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer."

Do you think Tony Soprano is alive or dead? Is Tony's fate still worth talking about all these years later? Chime in with your thoughts below.