Although it's now been off the air for over a decade, the HBO series The Sopranos is still very missed by its fans. Created by David Chase, the series ran from 1999 to 2007, taking its viewers on a thrill ride for its entire duration. The series starred the late James Gandolfini as the patriarch of the Soprano family, focusing on his struggles between balancing his life of crime and life at home. Those who loved the show will certainly be excited about its upcoming prequel film The Many Saints of Newark spearheaded by Chase, and details are now emerging about some of the main characters we can expect to see in the movie.

Of course, a young Tony Soprano will serve as the central character of the film. Because the film will have a timeline playing out over many years, it will begin with a 9-year-old Tony, described as a passionate Yankees fan, later showing a 16-year-old version of the character, who's a long-haired "budding linebacker" on the school's football team. This means multiple actors will likely be playing the role. According to the timeline set by the HBO series, this effectively places the events of the prequel film between 1968 and 1975.

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Another returning character will be Dickey Moltisanti, the first cousin of Tony's wife, Carmela. Dickey's role in the show is minor, though his death brings about a key storyline by having Tony take in his son, Christopher. It hasn't been verified whether a young Christopher will appear in the film as well, though it certainly seems very likely. Dickey is also being described as Tony's uncle in the film, revealing the family relation between the two characters. While their relation had been referenced in passing on the TV series, it wasn't revealed exactly how, and this film should help clear up a lot of the questions fans have about the family tree.

An all new character known as Aldo Moltisanti will be another lead character, described as an elegant, mid-60s wiseguy. The character is said to be Tony's grandfather, branching out the family tree we know from the TV series even further. The Many Saints of Newark will have Aldo recently married to 24-year-old Giuseppina Bruno. How this all will play into the ever-growing list of family connections in the series remains to be seen, but in the meantime, it will be fun for the fans to keep guessing.

As of now, these roles have not been cast, but with production set to begin in March of 2019, news on those developments can't be too far off. We do know that Alan Taylor, who directed many episodes of the HBO series, will be on board to direct the film. With creator David Chase involved as well, all of the right pieces are there to keep the prequel faithful to the popular series, presenting an interesting new way to add to the mythology. This information comes to us from That Hash Tag Show.