You really have to hand it to Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The creators of the hit animated show "South Park" are never ones to conform, which is evident in their feature films South Park: Bigger Longer and Uncut, Orgazmo and BASEketball. Now the duo is heading back to the silver screen, but this time, there are strings attatched, literally. According to Variety, Parker and Stone have signed on at Paramount with "Team America," a movie with an all marionette cast that pokes fun at the mindless action genre. Parker, Stone and collaborator Pam Brady wrote the script, Parker is set to direct and Stone will produce alongside Scott Rudin.

The movie will center around a typical protaganist who joins Team America to stop evil forces in the world, while at the same time poking some fun at high-paid actors in Hollywood.

"We hate those actors who take themselves so seriously and think they are a productive and important part of society," Parker said. "The subtle joke here is that all actors are puppets. This will probably piss off everyone in town, and might well be our swan song." The idea for the movie, which is inspired by the British TV series Thunderbirds, came from another spoof idea they had when they received a copy of the script The Day After Tomorrow, which is to be directed by Roland Emmerich and involves global warming destroying the world in two days.

"We planned to secretly shoot that movie with puppets, word for word, and release it on the same day. We thought that would have been hilarious but our lawyer convinced us we wouldn't get it released," said Stone. Parker and Stone will shoot the film when they're on hiatus from "South Park" with a budget around $20 million.