In terms of cinematic 'one-hit wonders', director Richard Kelly's twisted hit Donnie Darko is right up there. His next movie, the equally twisted but much, much less successful Southland Tales is forever etched in history as one of Hollywood's biggest let-downs. Well, Kelly has not given up hope and has recently been giving out some details regarding a Southland Tales Prequel which he says will be an animation and live-action hybrid.

"My *hope* is to direct a new #SouthlandTales prequel film using a hybrid of animation and live-action. This new film could be released in tandem with an expanded version of the existing film with significant new content. #SouthlandNow."
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Richard Kelly goes on to explain how this combination of live-action and animation would play out on screen, and add to the story he began back in 2006.

"The evolution of VFX and animation techniques will *hopefully* allow the complete vision of #SouthlandTales to see the light of day. The script is ready and the assets secured. Thank you to everyone who has supported this film - it will always be my most beloved. #SouthlandNow."

The bizarre world of Southland Tales has clearly been on Kelly's mind for quite some time.

"The live action sections of the new film would bring to life sequences from THE POWER, the bonkers screenplay within-the-film written by Boxer Santaros and Krysta Now. THE POWER takes place in the year 2024 and has significant importance to the story told in 2008. #SouthlandNow."

He makes reference to the screenplay written by 'Boxer Santaros' and 'Krysta Now', the characters played by Dwayne Johnson and Sarah Michelle Gellar respectively in the first Southland Tales, and says that the live-action portions of the movie would bring to life scenes from movie written within the movie. Perhaps now it is becoming clear why audiences did not quite understand the complex plotting of Southland Tales...

"If it happens... the animated portion of the new film would cover the 2008 events over the three days beginning on June 30th, when Boxer Santaros wakes up in the Nevada desert w/ amnesia... and then embarks on a journey through Las Vegas before returning to LA. #SouthlandNow."

Richard Kelly evidently has big plans for the franchise, declaring that it will be made up of six chapters. But, first, he needs to get the second one approved and made.

"#SouthlandTales is a six-chapter saga. The existing film covers the second half. I wrote graphic novels with @brettweldele that cover the first three chapters. I have completed an ambitious new script that uses the novels as a blueprint for an ambitious new film. #SouthlandNow."

Clearly, Kelly has never moved too far past the vast idea he has for Southland Tales and has big plans for the movie's future. However, the fact that he himself states that the first movie covers the second half of the six-chapter plan suggests the reason why audiences and critics failed to connect with it, making it somewhat unlikely that his envisioned prequel will ever come to fruition.

Southland Tales takes place during a three-day heatwave just before a huge 4th of July celebration. An action star stricken with amnesia meets up with a porn star who is developing her own reality TV project, and a policeman who holds the key to a vast conspiracy. This comes to us from Richard Kelly's Twitter account.