Warner Bros. has acquired the long-gestating video game adaptation Space Invaders, and are ready to bring this 80s arcade classic to the big screen with I Am Legend writer and producer Akiva Goldsman.

Akiva Goldsman will co-produce alongside Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell for Weed Road and Safehouse Pictures. Weed Road/Safe House VP Matt Schwartz helped track down and secure the rights, with Warner Bros. executive Jesse Ehrman overseeing the project.

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No screenwriter is in place at this time, and its unclear if Akiva Goldsman will take on those duties. He recently moved into the director's hot seat with Winter's Tale, which pulled wildly varying opinions from a full spectrum of movie critics. Let's just say audiences did not flock to theaters in droves.

The video game Space Invaders does not have a narrative other than the player is one lone gunman staving off an impending extraterrestrial invasion. There is no real mythology that has ever been set up for the title, and like a lot of other video games of the time, it did not get its own Saturday morning cartoon series.