Terence Nance is a rising director in the entertainment industry, and now he's in advanced negotiations to direct Lebron James in Space Jam 2. Nance is an executive producer on HBO's Random Acts of Flyness, which just received an order for six half-hour episodes. A trailer for the highly anticipated sequel was teased at the beginning of July to coincide with James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers, but that plan was reportedly ditched after it leaked. However, it seems weird that a trailer would exist when a director is not in place.

Fast and Furious director Justin Lin was also in talks to direct Space Jam 2, but that obviously did not work out. LeBron James signed a production deal with Warner Bros. and the sequel is reportedly a part of said deal. Now that James is playing for Los Angeles, he'll be closer to Hollywood to shoot the movie, if it ends up happening at all. There have been rumbles about Space Jam 2 for years, but nothing has ever come into fruition.

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The original Space Jam starred Michael Jordan alongside Looney Tunes characters playing basketball against aliens. Bill Murray also starred in the original and many fans are hoping that he'll return for Space Jam 2. When Justin Lin was still attached to direct the sequel, he noted that he wanted to take his time to get the movie right. The director claimed that he was too old to rush something out with a limited amount of time, which could be why Terence Nance is now being heavily considered to helm the project.

Last summer, Justin Lin said that the studio was pushing to get Space Jam 2 made and stated that they could pretty much get any athlete that they wanted for the main role. However, Lebron James has been the main contender since talks of the sequel became serious. He also noted that there was a main difference between the first movie and the upcoming sequel, noting that Michael Jordan was able to knock out all of his scenes due to an NBA strike, whereas James is an active player. While Lin wanted to take his time, it looks like Warner Bros. is ready to move forward.

Terrence Nance, in addition to being a director, is also an artist and a musician. He's probably best-known for his film An Oversimplification of Her Beauty, which premiered at Sundance in 2012. He is also behind a new late night show called Random Acts of Flyness. As for when we can expect to see Space Jam 2, it could end up being sooner than expected. It seems that the studio is really gunning to get the sequel made, especially to tie in with Lebron James moving to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. Now would be a pretty good time to strike while the iron is hot. You can read more about Terence Nance directing Space Jam 2 over at The Wrap.

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