It appears as though LeBron James has finally managed to lock in another NBA star to appear alongside him in Space Jam 2. A sequel to the 1996 Michael Jordan-starring 90s classic is finally happening and James is going to headline it. However, much like the original, he needs some other players to appear in it to truly make the movie feel authentic. Up to this point, that's been a bit of in issue. But according to a new report, Golden State Warriors' Klay Thompson is locked in for the sequel.

We had heard previously that LeBron James, for various reasons, was having difficulties getting other players to sign on for the movie. Some of it had to do with various merchandising deals that players have with conflicting companies preventing them from doing it, not so much their lack of desire. In any event, according to sports broadcaster Jason McIntyre, the ball is finally moving in the right direction. Here's what he had to say about it on a recent episode of his radio show.

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"Everybody thinks (Klay Thompson) is probably staying with the Warriors and I would agree with that. But I heard some news this week that could change things. That Klay Thompson is now 'locked in' to do 'Space Jam 2.' I don't think that news is anywhere. I Googled it last night, I went on the internet. Nobody has it. I do believe an announcement will come out after The Finals that Klay Thompson is committed to 'Space Jam 2,' he will be in the movie."

Klay Thompson is currently doing his best to help the Warriors fend off the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals. Win or lose, it sounds like a formal announcement will be made once things wrap up. LeBron James, unfortunately, had to sit out of the playoffs this year for the first time in a very long time. But that's given him some extra time to focus on his future in Hollywood.

Warner Bros. has been trying to get a Space Jam sequel going for years now. At one point, they had Fast and Furious franchise director Justin Lin attached, before he moved on to other things. Namely two more Fast and Furious movies. Now, it's newcomer Terence Nance (Random Acts of Flyness) who has been tapped to bring the Looney Tunes back to the big screen for some more basketball shenanigans. He's getting some help from Ryan Coogler (Black Panther, Creed), who is on board as a producer.

Last we heard, Ryan Coogler was doing a rewrite on the screenplay alongside Sev Ohanian (Searching). Production is expected to begin this summer, with the filmmakers making use of LeBron James' offseason before he has to get back to focusing on basketball for the 2019/2020 NBA season. Space Jam 2 is currently set to hit theaters on July 16, 2021. Feel free to check out the clip from Jason McIntyre's radio show over on the Fox Sports Radio Twitter account.