Space Jam 2 is one of the many sequels we often hear about, but never actually see come to fruition. While long-gestating follow-ups to bygone movies certainly do eventually get made, like Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues and Independence Day: Resurgence, it often takes a long time for everything to come together. Just ask the gang trying to launch Bill & Ted 3. Space Jam 2 is in the same boat, and there's no telling when we might see it. While talk of the original Looney Tunes adventure getting a sequel was a big news item last year, we're still no closer to it actually becoming a reality. But how far away are we?

Pretty far, apparently. Talk of Space Jam 2 really heated up last summer. The movie is supposedly going to star LeBron James, taking over for Michael Jordan, who starred in the 1996 original. After stealing quite a few scenes in the Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck, the NBA legend signed a production deal with Warner Bros. And automatically, everyone assumed Space Jam 2 would be the first project to result from this. Looks like that may not be the case.

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No one at Warner Bros. seems to be in a hurry to make Space Jam 2. Which is why we've never heard it officially announced. That doesn't mean it isn't happening. A new report on delves into Warner Bros.'s partnership with SpringHill Entertainment, LeBron James' company, and they state that this union isn't just about making Space Jam 2. Says president of SpringHill, Jamal Henderson.

"It'd be crazy not to say that it's something on the radar, it's super on the radar, but it's not something we have any news on. There's no sort of start on it."

At this moment in time, LeBron James is continuing to concentrate on his career as a basketball player. And right now, the off season will not allow enough time for the sports icon to shoot a movie of this magnitude, which will require extensive CGI and other VFX work. No one even seems to know what Space Jam 2 will be about, as a script does not exist.

Springhill is still trying to figure out what its first co-production with Warner Bros. may even be. And its possible that once they decided on a movie or TV show, it won't star LeBron James. Though, what Springhill and Warner Bros. develop together now will help set up the All-Star's second career after he retires from the NBA. As you can see from the above quote, Space Jam 2 is in no way being ruled out. It might just be a while before it actually gets here.