Some fans really want Space Jam 2 to happen. And it sounds like it just might. There have long been rumors that LeBron James is set to take over for Michael Jordan in the continuation of this Looney Tunes series, which debuted in 1996. After wowing audiences with his hilarious turn in this past weekend's Trainwreck, it sounds like Space Jam 2 is closer than ever to actually happening. The proof? LeBron James has signed an exclusive partnership with Warner Bros., home of the Looney Tunes and the original Space Jam. The deal covers projects ranging from TV, film, and original digital content. This is a quote from the announcement made by Warner Bros. CEO and Chairman Kevin Tsujihara.

"LeBron James has one of the most powerful, well-known brands in the world and we are excited to be in business with him and his partner, Maverick Carter, and SpringHill Entertainment. The combination of LeBron's global media presence and Warner Bros.' unmatched production and distribution expertise is a big win for fans everywhere."
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It isn't known if Space Jam 2 will be a sequel or reboot at this stage, but it would certain be the perfect project for both LeBron James and Warner Bros., who have been looking for a way to once again establish their very lucrative Looney Tunes characters in a big screen venture. LeBron James appears to have the charm and charisma to carry a movie on his own, and it helps that he would once again be playing himself.

Further fueling this rumor is the fact that Warner Bros. filed new trademarks for Space Jam last month. It doesn't seem like any coincidence that these trademarks were filed exactly one month before Warner Bros. announced their big deal with LeBron James. It's only a matter of when and how the movie gets officially announced. And you may remember that LeBron James tweeted way back in 2012 that he was a super fan of Space Jam, and wished that he could star in Space Jam 2. It sounds like that may become a reality.

In February of last year, it was reported that sons of legendary sportscaster Dick Ebersol had come abroad Space Jam 2 to develop it as a starring vehicle for LeBron James. They were said to be producing the movie, but no further confirmation on that has been officially announced. LeBron James was quick to deny the report, and had this to say to the Miami Sun Herald.

"It's news to me. I haven't heard anything about it. Like I said, I've always loved Space Jam. It was one of my favorite movies growing up. If I have the opportunity, it will be great. But that's news to me. Obviously, I don't want to be on there with this thing on my nose. We'll see what happens."

Original Space Jam producer Ivan Reitman also dismissed the idea at that time. He revealed that there was talk of LeBron James coming in for a sequel, but it had never moved forward. He didn't know if a sequel would ever get made. The news of a sequel was met with a lot of enthusiasm by fans, and some speculate that this positive word of mouth helped convince Warner Bros. that they should reboot the long-dormant series. At this time, LeBron James seems like the only logical choice to star in Space Jam 2. He may be able to find some seasoned NBA co-stars too, as members of both The LA Clippers and the New York Knicks are appearing in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. Maybe they should consider that a warm up game. You can take a look at the recently filed Space Jam trademark from Warner Bros., along with LeBron James' original tweet on the whole matter. What do you think? Is this a great idea?

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