While a recent clip put a lot of focus on Zendaya as the new voice of Lola Bunny, we are about to get the final Space Jam: A New Legacy trailer tomorrow, which will likely give us a better view of the broader range of characters in the belated sequel. The movie, which stars LeBron James as the human lead, arrives in theaters and on HBO Max this July, but with the film already coming up against complaints of pandering to woke culture, casting issues and more, the ad campaigns are going to have to do something special to avoid a box office bomb.

This morning, @spacejammovie tweeted the news that the new trailer is dropping in the next 24 hours, and also released a new poster advertising the release date of July 16th. The announcement reads, "The Tune Squad and LeBron James team up to reach new heights in Space Jam: A New Legacy. The second trailer drops tomorrow!"

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The poster contains all of the movie's Looney Tunes "heroes", including Speedy Gonzales, who has been given a fair bit of bad press recently as being "stereotypically racist" towards people from Mexico, but with the notable absence of Pepe-Le-Pew, who has received similar complaints over his over amorous advances in his old cartoons. Whether he does have a small appearance in the final movie remains to be seen. Also notably absent from the poster are the bad guys; The Goon Squad.

As well as James, the movie also stars Don Cheadle, playing Al G Rhythm, the movie's chief antagonist who it is assumed sets up the whole "Space Jam" of the movie. Talking to Entertainment Weekly, Cheadle spoke about getting involved in the animated/live action crossover. "What was pitched to me, what they wanted to do with my character, what was going to happen with LeBron, the conceit of the film and the opportunity to take a classic title like that and do another spin on it with the latest GOAT, being LeBron, I just thought, 'Hey, this is cool'. To get to play this really innovative character, which I don't even know how much I can talk about, or what you know. But I just thought it was going to be a cool family story with LeBron and a cool character to play opposite him."

While there is still a month until the movie's official release, we can expect to see a number of brief clips released over the next few weeks just like the Lola Bunny snippet that had fans in a whirl as they tried to get past the fact that Zendaya, who voices the character this time around, sounds just like...well, Zendaya. Who would have expected that? The clip can be seen below, along with the six minute "30 for 30" mockumentary that it was taken from, which was put out on ESPN's Twitter account.

If this has hyped you up for the movie, then you will no doubt want to keep an eye out tomorrow for the new trailer. Whether it serves to interest more people in the "new legacy" or just gives people more to pick at, no publicity is bad publicity as far as movies are concerned. Space Jam: A New Legacy arrives on 16th July in theaters and on HBO Max.

Space Jam a New Legacy Poster