Is Space Jam 2 finally being announced this summer? According to a new rumor, that may well be the case. We must caution up top that this is just a rumor for now as it hasn't been confirmed by any official sources, but LeBron James is reportedly ready to step into Michael Jordan's shoes and will release an announcement trailer for Space Jam 2 this summer. The basketball star is currently putting together a deal to move to a new team next season and his new team is said to be part of this rumored trailer for the sequel.

LeBron James has been breaking into Hollywood over the past handful of years with roles in projects like Trainwreck as well as a part in the upcoming animated movie Smallfoot. He also recently launched a production company SpringHill Entertainment, which is currently developing a remake of the movie House Party. He's also been attached to Space Jam 2 for some time, even though Warner Bros. hasn't made an official announcement on the matter. Point being, James is serious about breaking into the movie business and isn't just an athlete for hire.

With that in mind, The Hype Magazine states that LeBron James will release a trailer or documentary of sorts for Space Jam 2 this summer once he finalizes a deal with a new NBA team. That team will be present in the trailer, which will debut on the recently launched Instagram TV. The social media platform's new video app hopes to compete with the likes of YouTube and James is apparently embracing it fully. So much so that, if this rumor is in any way true, he's going to formally announce the long-awaited sequel to Space Jam on his channel.

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This won't be a theatrical trailer even if it does actually come out this summer. Space Jam 2 has not filmed yet, unless Warner Bros. has somehow managed to pull off one of the biggest secret productions in history. What this will likely be, if true, is an announcement trailer that formally puts Space Jam 2 on track, confirming LeBron James as the star and possibly a release date or something like that. For those who have been dying to see the Looney Tunes back on the court with an NBA star, this is still probably an exciting rumor, but just don't go thinking that the movie is coming out soon or anything like that.

What we know for sure is that Justin Lin is attached to Space Jam 2. The director is also set to helm both Fast and Furious 9 and 10, which will keep him busy for quite some time. So maybe he'll just be a producer and Warner Bros. will bring someone else on board to direct the sequel? Or maybe this trailer isn't actually coming. It wouldn't be hard to imagine a star like LeBron James making a surprise announcement of this kind, but since we haven't heard any official news regarding a script or anything like that this may simply be too good to be true. This comes to us courtesy of The Hype Magazine.

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