Well, it might not be Space Jam 2, but it makes a good case for why the sequel should exist. Bugs Bunny and his court side nemeses, the dreaded MonStars, are back in a new commercial for Foot Locker. Only, Bugs Bunny isn't facing off against his alien challengers this time. Instead, he's taking a job at Foot Locker, and outfits a group of teens to take on the dreaded bad guys in the latest Jordan merch.

This first commercial is aiming to do quite a lot in its extended 90 second runtime. There's no Michael Jordan insight. And it seems even LeBron James, the star of the impending Space Jam 2, has been benched. Instead, we get Blake Griffin suiting up in the iconic Space Jam jersey. And he gets some nice interaction with Bugs, as the two riff on the old 'Who'd you expect, Elmer Fudd?' line. The end of the trailer brings in NBA All-Star Jimmy Butler as well, but his appearance seems to be a tease for bigger and better things to come, as we never get to see any game play in this video.

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What's really interesting about this Space Jam inspired commercial is that it stars Blake Griffin. There has been some fan controversy over whether or not LeBron James can actually handle the lead in Space Jam 2. When asked who should star in the sequel, Michael Jordan's answer was heard loud and clear. Blake Griffin was his top choice. Now, low and behold, that's exactly what we're seeing here.

So, is LeBron James out of Space Jam 2? Is Warner Bros. grooming Blake Griffin to be the replacement? Is this an experiment to see how fans respond? Will LeBron James show up in a future Foot Locker commercial? Who knows? At this time, none of these questions are being answered. Instead, we get to sit back and munch on some good ol' Member Berries.

The commercial doesn't shy away from that fact either. It teases that this is the same story that has always been. And that it will never change. There's the heroes. There's the villains. And they will play basketball at some point. The production quality here is top notch, and if you're not an old school fan of Mel Blanc as Bugs Bunny, the wascally wabbit remains as iconic as ever. Will this all translate to the big screen in due time? Most assuredly. We'll just have to wait.

This trailer comes direct from Foot Locker, and the company doesn't provide too much behind-the-scenes info. Except to say that 'Blake Griffin and Jimmy Butler are ready to take the game back.' And they have introduced a new hashtag into the social media lexicon: #HouseofHoops. Take a look as the super team of evil aliens returns to earth to once again to claims the court. It will be a while before we actually see Space Jam 2.