LeBron James has often been compared to Michael Jordan, but it is Michael Jordon who just came out on top In what might be the most important category of all time. According to the movie going public, Michael Jordan's performance in the 1996 classic Space Jam is considered to be the best ever big-screen appearance by a sports star in a movie. LeBron James also made the list for Trainwreck, but he placed fourth. Maybe that will change after he stars in Space Jam 2?

The list was determined by a recent poll conducted by Fandango with more than 1,000 people voting for who they thought should come out on top. There is a lot of love from 90s kids for Space Jam, so it isn't that surprising that Michael Jordan won this race. LeBron James landed in the number four spot for his work in the Amy Schumer comedy Trainwreck. Ironically, LeBron James is currently attached to star in a Space Jam sequel with Fast and Furious director Justin Lin at the helm.

Space Jam was a major event when it was released in 1996, as Michael Jordan was one of the biggest stars on the planet at the time, even though he had little acting experience outside of commercials. Plus, it served as a bit of a revamp for the Looney Tunes. The movie was a reasonable success at the box office, bringing in $230 million worldwide, but it has remained something of a cult classic for those who grew up with the movie. Outside of other NBA stars, the movie also featured Bill Murray, Wayne Knight and the voice of Danny DeVito.

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The number two spot on the list went to Mike Tyson for his very brief, but apparently very memorable and lovable, cameo in The Hangover. The number three spot went to Andre the Giant for his unforgettable work as Fezzik in The Princess Bride. Given that a wrestler made it onto the list, it is a little surprising that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson didn't make his way into the frey. But maybe that has to do with him being more of a movie star than he ever was a wrestling star. Also absent from the list is "Rowdy" Roddy Piper for his work in They Live.

Some of the other sports stars who made the list include Dan Marino for playing himself in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Tom Brady also managed to squeak in at number nine for his work in Ted 2, which was very brief. That probably had more to do with Tom Brady being Tom Brady than it did with his actual work in the movie. Also, Shaquille O'Neal managed to make the list at number seven for his role in the 1996 movie Kazaam, where he played a genie. For the record, that movie currently has a 6 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. And don't think that the ladies got left behind. Fighter Gina Carano landed at number 6 for her memorable role in this year's blockbuster hit Deadpool. And MMA all-star Ronda Rousey squeezed her way in at number ten on sure charisma alone, as she's one of the few highlights in the otherwise forgetable Entourage movie. You can check out the full list for yourself below.

Best Big-Screen Performance by a Sports Star.

1. Michael Jordan - Space Jam

2. Mike Tyson - The Hangover

3. Andre the Giant - The Princess Bride

4. LeBron James - Trainwreck

5. Dan Marino - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective

6. Gina Carano - Deadpool

7. Shaquille O'Neal - Kazaam

8. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - Airplane!

9. Tom Brady - Ted 2

10. Ronda Rousey - Entourage

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