Mel Brooks has confirmed that he is in the early stages of getting Spaceballs 2 off of the paper and into production. We've been teased more than once about the possibility of getting a sequel to one of the most legendary movie parodies of all time. Pranksters in New York City made up a bunch of fake Spaceballs 2 theatrical posters that went viral in minutes. The timing was perfect as The Force Awakens was still in theaters and the fake posters even had a brilliant title: Spaceballs 2: The Search for more Money and pictured a busted up Lord Dark Helmet head piece, much like teasers for The Force Awakes. Brooks went on to praise the posters and the title and even said that he was interested in getting the cast back together again for a possible sequel.

Mel Brooks was speaking and doing a Q and A over the weekend at a screening for Young Frankenstein at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and according to a Reddit user Brooks was asked about the possibility of the sequel actually happening. When an audience member asked him directly about the sequel, Brooks replied that he's currently "talking with MGM" and that he'd love to see it happen, which echoes statements that he has made in the last few years.

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While it is really early to tell, it is exciting to know that there has been official talk with MGM nonetheless. There are so many directions that a parody of Star Wars can go right now. Maybe Spaceballs 2 could be a prequel and we get an origin story of Captain Lone Starr and Pizza the Hut followed by another origin story of Lord Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz. Or maybe we can see where plain old Yogurt got his start. There would be some hurdles if the sequel were to take place after the first movie. John Candy who played Barf and Joan Rivers Dot Matrix have both passed away and it would be tough to see a sequel without them. But you never know, maybe Brooks could throw in a spoof of Guardians of the Galaxy in and have Barf come back as a puppy.

Spaceballs was originally released to theaters in 1987 to a pretty mixed critical reception, much like Brooks' Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein, which are now seen as legendary comedy classics. Spaceballs is arguably up there with Brooks' earlier work and there is an audience for the sequel. Spaceballs showed up on the scene 4 years after the release of Return to the Jedi and was still able to not only just turn children on to his movie, but also influence kids to go check out the movies that he was spoofing. There was a pretty forgettable animated series that took on some prequel liberties, but in all honesty, it was pretty bad and easy to forget that it ever happened. So let us forget.

There is no guarantee that Spaceballs 2: The Search for more Money will happen, but it is the perfect time to get the ball running. The Star Wars universe is rapidly expanding to include prequels and spin-offs of beloved characters and the Spaceballs universe can do the same thing. Do we need to start a petition to get Rick Moranis to get back into acting? Moranis reprising his role of Lord Helmet would be the ultimate way to end his hiatus. Fingers crossed.