You can own a few very important pieces of Spaceballs history if you happen to have an extra $30,000 stuffed in your mattress. While Mel Brooks is trying to get Spaceballs 2 into production you can head over to Invaluable to bid on Dark Helmet's headpiece that actor Rick Moranis actually wore in the movie and a miniature replica of Lone Starr's flying Eagle 5 Winnebago that was also used in the movie. This is important and needs to be treated as such; pool together some cash with your friends and family and make this happen.

Moranis was asked about the whereabouts of his iconic helmet that he wore in Spaceballs and he said that he didn't know, then joked that it was probably in the Smithsonian. The Canadian comedian was wrong, the 20" round by 14" tall plastic helmet is currently residing in Calabasas and it's up for auction through Invaluable. The helmet was worn by the actor throughout the filming of the movie and it is constructed of heavy vacuum formed plastic that is constructed over a standard construction worker's hardhat to fit Moranis. The helmet also has the screw-hinged movable faceplate (so you can stick out your tongue) complete with the shower drain mouthpiece and the triangular lenses to see through. It appears to be in great condition with only minor wear from filming.

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The other equally exciting item up for auction is a replica of the Eagle 5 Winnebago that was used in filming. I know, I know... I too was bummed that the flying Winnebago wasn't real. Anyway, this thing has amazing detail even down to the miniature Lone Starr and Barf sitting in the driver and passenger seats. The auction listing reveals that the "hyper-realistic" Winnebago measures 35" long, 10.7" tall, and 37" wide due to the wingspan. Lone Starr's miniature is constructed from cast resin, vacuum formed plastic panels, metal, plastic, and wood components. It's all there on this one even the bumper sticker and air horn are represented here.

The starting bid for the Winnebago is currently at $20,000 and it's expected to get as high as $30,000. Now for $20,000 I want to be able to at least drive that thing around the neighborhood and for $30,000 I better be able to get to hyper-speed in outer space. Dark Helmet's helmet started at $8,000 and is currently at $9,000 at the time of writing due to 3 bids. There's also an R2-D2 assembled from original components from Episodes IV,V, VI, I, and II for a mere $1 million space bucks.

Let's hope that some kind, rich soul buys these items and puts them on a traveling tour of some kind to share the Spaceballs joy. On a completely different note, Mel Brooks is reportedly in the early talks with the studio to make Spaceballs 2. With these items up for sale one hopes that they have more or that they will rebuild the auction items to get them ready for production of the sequel. Happy bidding!