While the first Spawn movie was, well, not really all that special, Starlog reports the new anti-hero flick will be a complete departure from the original. For the past year, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane has been making random statements about it being more of a psychological thriller than an action movie- where Spawn, the main character, it rarely ever seen. Can we really see one of the most violent action packed comic heros as an unseen suspense device? Time will tell…

Two things Episode II should live without: Jar Jar Binks as a galactic senator, and a co-writer who scripted “The Scorpion King.” While, of course, very few have seen either of these, it is disturbing knowing that the much hated digital Jar Jar will be spitting out the kind of cheese ball lines we heard in the two Mummy movies. For more info and insight, take a look at Entertainment Weekly’s Episode 2 guided tour. {@IMG:BWBpHRfF3wzN7ZkPa5ARQ7KQ2ps867|Movie [email protected]}According to newsaskew.com, the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back DVD is right on schedule for its February 12th launch. So far, it has commentary (Smith, Mews and producer Moiser), an hour of deleted scenes, two behind-the-scenes featurettes, music videos, a Comedy Central special, trailers, T.V. spots, net trailers and more! To add to the good news, Smith speaks of the details going into the Clerks super loaded 10th anniversary DVD (complete with the Jay and Silent Bob MTV spots from years ago). But wait- there’s more! Smith also reports that he will start the new Clerks animated feature "Clerks: Sell Out” once he finishes his draft of his new fatherhood flick, Jersey girl (which shoots in July). For more details, click here. Have fun. ~Steve
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