It looks like we're going to have to wait at least a little bit longer to see the Spawn reboot. Todd McFarlane, who created the character in the pages of Image Comics and is set to both write and direct the new movie, has been working hard on a new big screen version for some time now. Last year, he teamed with Blumhouse Productions to finally make it happen and the project has been in development ever since. Unfortunately, it's been difficult when it comes to actually getting cameras rolling and now, production has been delayed yet again.

According to a new report, Spawn has now been pushed by at least a few months and now looks to get filming in June 2019, in Toronto, Canada. When last we heard, it looked like Todd McFarlane was going to be ready to roll in early 2019. It appears as though it's really taking some time to nail this thing down behind the scenes. There's no reason to be concerned necessarily, at least not yet, but it's hard not to wonder what is going on that is causing the delays.

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When Blumhouse came on board, Todd McFarlane already had a completed script for the movie, which is typically something that takes a lot of time. Surely there have been rewrites, but the story has been there for some time. McFarlane did, however, come in with a pretty intense list of demands, including insisting that he direct it, despite that fact that he's never directed a movie before. Perhaps that is getting in the way? Maybe there are arguments about the movie's budget? Or maybe nothing is wrong and it's just one of those unfortunately slow-to-develop projects. At this point, all we can really do is speculate.

What we know for sure is that this won't be your average comic book movie. It's going to be R-rated, a hard R, to the point that Todd McFarlane says he wants to make little kids cry. It's also going to be much cheaper than most comic book adaptations, with the goal to get the budget somewhere around the $10 million range. Jamie Foxx has been tapped to star as the titular character, with Jeremy Renner being eyed as the lead role, a cop named Twitch Williams. Low budget as it may be, Spawn has lined up some big stars so far, which certainly doesn't hurt anything.

Legendary VFX artist Greg Nicotero, known for his work on The Walking Dead, who also worked on the 1997 Spawn, is also on board. The hope is that this reboot can atone for the sins of the 1997 movie, which was, by nearly all accounts, not a good interpretation of McFarlane's work. The movie is currently without a release date, but we'll be sure to keep you posted as any new details on the project are made available. You can check out the update from the Production Weekly Twitter account for yourself below.