The Spawn reboot is coming together quite nicely. It was just about a year ago when Todd McFarlane announced that he had closed a deal with Blumhouse Productions, the studio responsible for The Purge, Get Out and Split, to finally make his Spawn movie, which is something he had been discussing for quite some time. Things have been coming together behind the scenes and now, we have word that The Walking Dead makeup artist Greg Nicotero has come on board.

According to a new report, Greg Nicotero will be handling the movie's special effects makeup. Nicotero is easily known best for his work on The Walking Dead, but he's got a host of major credits to his name. He's previously worked on movies such as The Mist, Sin City, Evil Dead 2, Predators, Planet Terror, and Inglourious Basterds, as well as AMC's Preacher series. However, his most interesting credit, as it relates to this project, is the 1997 Spawn movie. Nicotero worked on the first big screen adaptation more than twenty years ago and now he's coming back to give it another go.

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The 1997 Spawn wasn't exactly a great comic book movie by any means and Todd McFarlane has been very critical of it in the past, which is why he insisted on writing and directing this new take himself. This will serve as his directorial debut. Despite the fact that the previous movie was less than great, the makeup work in that movie was pretty fantastic and, given how far Greg Nicotero has come, one can only imagine what he's going to bring to this project. This also suits his sensibilities, as this isn't expected to be a superhero movie. McFarlane has promised it will be much more of a supernatural horror movie and has often cited Jaws as a source of inspiration.

What's clear is that Blumhouse and Todd McFarlane are managing to attract big-name talent to this project. Jamie Foxx (The Amazing Spider-Man 2) is officially on board to play the titular character, with Jeremy Renner (The Avengers) recently confirmed to play the lead character of Twitch Williams. Blumhouse is known for making low-budget movies that aren't often anchored with big stars. Spawn is breaking that mold. Though, it's been made clear that they are still trying to keep the budget low, around $10 million, which is a small fraction of what a comic book movie typically costs to make.

Blumhouse has yet to lock down a release date for the Spawn reboot just yet, but filming is expected to begin soon in New York City, with filming also set to take place in several other locations that have yet to be disclosed. The movie is expected to be R-rated and, if all goes well, this could be ready for release some time next year. Perhaps we'll get some more firm details during San Diego Comic-Con next weekend. This news comes to us courtesy of Omega Underground.