Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx has been interested in Todd McFarlane's touted Spawn movie for some time, and, despite rumors here and there of his departure from the project, the actor is still very enthusiastic about starring. Foxx has now opened up about the movie for the first time, likening it to another hugely popular, and vitally important comic book movie property.

"I surprised Todd McFarlane. I said, 'Bro, I know that one day you will do this movie, and I hope you will keep me in mind.' What Black Panther did was let us know that it's so necessary, and it's the time. And Spawn is just an interesting character in itself. The heads that are being put together to bring you something special - look out."
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Jamie Foxx is set to play the title character, who begins life as solider, mercenary and assassin, Al Simmons. Murdered during a mission by a fellow mercenary, Simmons is sent to Hell because of his life as an assassin. After arranging a deal with the being known as Malebolgia, Simmons agrees to become a Hellspawn in exchange for being allowed to see his wife one last time. The property has been adapted for the big screen once before, with Michael Jai White in the lead role. Sadly, the movie was mauled by critics and remains a prime example of how not to adapt a popular comic book property.

As well as Foxx in the lead, Spawn will feature creator and writer Todd McFarlane on directing duty, as well as Marvel Cinematic Universe member, Jeremy Renner, as a homicide detective who crosses paths with the avenging warrior.

McFarlane is set to make his feature film directorial debut with Spawn, which will follow the exploits of the titular anti-hero. He has continued to tease details about the project for some time, which includes the fact that the movie is aiming for an R-rating, as well as recently claiming that Spawn is lining up some more big talent.

"I know that people are saying that, 'Todd, you talk a lot about the movie and the Hollywood stuff and nothing's really happening,' and that's not true," he said earlier this week. "Especially with production being shut down. I can tell you right now there is momentum going on Spawn, the movie, and I'm not just saying that on my end, I'm saying that the things you need to do to eventually get to the point where you're going to get into production once [the current circumstances} allows us to get into production, all those things are going on right now and we're adding talent, big, big talent that we haven't announced yet. I wish I could but I can't."

Alongside the live-action adaptation, McFarlane has also been teasing a new animated series based on Spawn, revealing that some big conversations have been happening. "I was having a conversation about the animation yesterday with a pretty big animation house," McFarlane said on Joe Q's Mornin' Warm Up. "So those topics are heating up. I know that people are saying that, 'Todd, you talk a lot about the movie and the Hollywood stuff and nothing's really happening,' and that's not true. Especially with production being shut down." This comes to us from Yahoo.