It was three years ago during San Diego Comic-Con that Todd McFarlane announced his Spawn reboot was getting made through Blumhouse Productions. As it stands, nothing has been firmed up and there is no official word on when it will become a reality. However, during a panel for this year's [email protected], McFarlane assured that the project is moving ahead with some big news coming, hopefully soon.

Todd McFarlane was the subject of a spotlight panel as part of this year's virtual event. McFarlane, who wrote the script for Spawn, a character of his own creation for Image Comics, is also set to direct the movie. Speaking toward the end of the panel, McFarlane was asked about the status of the long-gestating project. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"We are in the process of adding, I think, not only a home run, but potentially a grand slam to our movie. I'm not saying that as a teaser. I'm saying that legitimately. It's happening. It's happening right now. It's just that the business of Hollywood has its sort of ebb and flow... They seem to be a little bit shy about wanting to be public about all of this. So, all I can say is that the movie is going full-steam ahead. I know I've said it before. I'm telling you, it's going full-steam ahead in terms of news that hopefully you and I will be able to break fairly soon."

The good news is that Todd McFarlane seems confident the movie will happen. What we know for sure is that Jason Blum is on board to produce. Jamie Foxx is also attached to the title role, with Jeremy Renner on board to play Twitch Williams. McFarlane has also said in the past that it will be R-rated and closer in tone to Jaws, as opposed to a typical comic book movie.

Outside of Spawn, Todd McFarlane revealed that the shutdown has provided other opportunities. He has been meeting with unnamed TV directors who aren't working right now about adapting Image Comics properties. McFarlane was vague, but he did tease some "kid programs" because animation can be done right now. But it's a matter of getting the green light when the time comes.

"The people we're talking to are big directors and big writers. I assume we'll then be able to get big actors to come on to it, and the stuff will begin to tumble. Let me also say, I'm not the only one doing this. Right? Everybody in Hollywood has got time to develop. Everyone in Hollywood has time to make phone calls to all of these people. There may be a flood. Even though we can get all of this stuff moving into development with big names, the people who actually have to say yes that are gonna produce it when that time comes, may get flooded from every angle, of every person who has been doing the exact same thing that we are."

At the very least, Todd McFarlane has a lot of irons in the fire. With Marvel and DC tied up, Image Comics could represent a big chance for other studios to get in on the comic book movie and TV game. We'll be sure to keep you posted as further updates on Spawn and these other projects are made available. You can check out McFarlane's entire panel from