Todd McFarlane locked down a deal with Blumhouse Productions over the summer during San Diego Comic-Con to finally make his long-gestating Spawn Reboot. It's going to be R-rated, he's going to write, direct and produce and, most notably, it is going to be a low-budget Spawn movie, with the $10 million figure having been thrown around previously. So how are they going to make a Spawn movie on such a low-budget? According to Jason Blum, the answer is simple. Nobody is going to get paid.

Jason Blum, the man who started Blumhouse Productions, recently spoke with Coming Soon about the upcoming Spawn reboot. He was asked about how they are going to keep the budget so low and, outside of a "relatively contained" script, it's a lack of people getting paid upfront. Jason Blum and Todd McFarlane aren't getting paid and, perhaps most surprising, the actors won't be either. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"One of the things is we're keeping the scope of the script relatively contained, so that's the biggest way. I think the other way is he and I aren't paying ourselves any money out of the budget nor will any of the actors, so that's another way. We're using our usual tricks!"

Blumhouse, the studio behind The Purge, Get Out and Paranormal Activity, has a reputation of making movies for very tiny budgets that can do very well at the box office. So this "bag of tricks" he speaks of has been proven to work. Though, it is a bit surprising to hear that the actors are willing to do this for nothing upfront. It's safe to assume everyone will be making their money with back-end deals that pay out based on box office performance, but still. It could be a while before anyone sees any money from that. The other element here is director Todd McFarlane, who has never directed a movie before. Despite his inexperience, Jason Blum isn't concerned.

"I think he's gonna do a great job. Being a director encompasses a lot of different skills, but one of the most important skills is you have to be a great manager. You're kind of a General of this army that you have to lead into battle every day, and he does that in his life every day running McFarlane Enterprises. So I think that translates to directing in a lot of ways. We've had a great back-and-forth around developing the script. I wouldn't have done it if I didn't think he could do a great job, but we'll see. I have a good feeling about it."

At the present time, there's no word on a release date or when the Spawn reboot could go into production, but it sounds like things are moving along. The movie isn't going to be your standard superhero affair, as McFarlane has compared it to Jaws previously and has said it's going to be a horror movie, above all else. And a cheap one at that. Though, the fact that nobody is making money right away says that this really is a passion project, which can only bode well for the movie. It can't possibly be worse than the 1997 version. Head on over to Coming Soon for more of their interview with Todd McFarlane and Jason Blum.