It was recently announced that Todd McFarlane's Spawn reboot cast Jeremy Renner as Detective Twitch Williams and now it has been revealed that the working title of the film will be Tony Dynamite and that it will begin filming in January of 2019. The Spawn reboot has been picking up steam for the last handful of months with Jamie Foxx and Renner joining the cast. Foxx admitted that he has been pursuing the role since 2012, revealing that he flew out to Arizona to meet with McFarlane to discuss the part of the titular character.

The working title of Tony Dynamite is more than likely a nod to the Tony Twist character from the Spawn comics. Twist is a gangster that ended up costing Todd McFarlane a lot of cash 14 years ago. A judge awarded NHL player Tony Twist $15 million back in 2004 after it was deemed that McFarlane had been profiting off of the name since the early 1990s when the Spawn comics started. Tony Dynamite seems like a wink and nod to something that the creator feels to be a bit of dark humor.

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In a recent interview, Jamie Foxx talked about courting Todd McFarlane for the role in Spawn and said that he was unsure when the film was going to begin shooting. However, it has been reported that the reboot will start filming in the New York City area in January of 2019, which is just around the corner. It has also been reported that the budget for the Spawn reboot will be $10 million, which is just $5 million less than McFarlane had to pay the real-life Tony Twist. Blumhouse is producing and it is believed that they will leave McFarlane alone to see out his vision.

Todd McFarlane has discussed the direction of the Spawn reboot, noting that it will be more like a "supernatural thriller" as opposed to a horror movie. When talking about the horror genre, McFarlane said that it referred to a very specific movie in his eyes, which is not where he sees the reboot going, though there will be some horror elements thrown in the mix. Jamie Foxx has stated that he wants to play off of the good and bad parts of the titular character, someone that has seen it all, so that will be an interesting mix with that McFarlane is striving to do.

Todd McFarlane's Spawn reboot does not currently have an official release date, but since filming is going to start at the beginning of next year, it's safe to say that a late 2019 or early 2020 release date is possible, depending on how smooth the production goes. McFarlane seems to be tackling the project with a sense of humor, especially if the Tony Twist and Tony Dynamite names are intertwined. You can read more about the working title of the Spawn reboot as well as the production start over at Production Weekly.