It took a lot longer than most fans would have liked, but an Untitled Spawn Reboot is finally happening. Comic book movies have been ruling the box office for more than a decade now, but since Spawn is going to be more of a low-budget horror movie, it took quite some time for Todd McFarlane to get someone to understand his vision. The man that finally looked at his vision and gave it the go-ahead is Jason Blum of Blumhouse, and McFarlane feels that they are the perfect studio to handle his R-rated Spawn movie.

It was announced during San Diego Comic-Con that Todd McFarlane, who created Spawn, finally inked a deal to write, produce and direct his movie for Blumhouse, the studio behind movies like The Purge, Get Out and Split. While speaking with, McFarlane explained why they are the right studio to handle the movie and how they are going to help him realize his vision. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"Jason's brand with Blumhouse Productions has been these R-rated, low budget, scary, cool movies that are successful, and they work, and they allow you then to make another movie. The thought was always, and I never moved off it, was that I'd write, produce, and direct, which I will...So now I needed to surround myself with people that were going to make me look good and one of the first steps is to get a good production house, and it sounds silly what I'm about to say, that can make a low budget movie."

It may sound a little silly, but making a quality low-budget movie is a tricky thing and Blumhouse has really seemed to master it, especially within the horror genre. Granted, they have worked on non-horror movies like Whiplash, but they are primarily known for letting filmmakers make small horror movies with the hope that some of them will turn into monster hits. In recent years, more than a few of them have and, as Todd McFarlane points out, that allows them to make sequels. The Purge and the Paranormal Activity franchises are probably the best Blumhouse examples of this. Todd McFarlane also gave a little bit on how this differs from big studios and talked a bit about the direction his Spawn movie is headed.

"Big studios have such a high overhead that the moment you walk in the door they go, 'We can't make anything under $24 million'. It's just going to be this dark, gritty world, and there's going to be one thing in the entire world that is fantastic and it's going to be Spawn. I'd call it a dark supernatural thriller."

Even though Todd McFarlane hasn't directed a movie before, he has his vision clearly laid out for Spawn and Blumhouse can surround him with a team to help execute that vision. He hates the 1997 live-action movie just as much as anyone, if not more, so don't expect him to make the same mistakes. Even if he is a bit of a rookie when it comes to directing. There is no release date for Spawn yet, but McFarlane has said that they are "going into production," so it sounds like this could be on the fast track for Blumhouse.