Spawn creator Todd McFarlane is open to a crossover with Spider-Man and Venom. McFarlane is the founder of Image Comics and creator of Spawn. Before that, he worked for Marvel and had a legendary run on Spider-Man in the 90s, and co-created Venom alongside David Michelinie. While McFarlane hasn't worked with Marvel since the launch of Image, with what's going on in the industry right now, he's open to something like this in the future.

Right now, comic book shops all across the country are shut down, publishers are faced with a lot of uncertainty and the distribution side of the industry has been impacted in a big way as well. When things do return to the normal, Todd McFarlane, and many others in the comic book business, believe big things may be needed to help bring in readers. McFarlane believes a crossover such as this could fit the bill. Here's what he had to say about it in a recent interview.

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"To me, I'm way more concerned about how it has any lasting effect, but with where we stand today and not knowing what's going to happen on the other side of normality and what that even looks like in terms of the comic book industry, then I've been sort of asking myself, are we going to need some event book or things on the other side, not just one or not just two, I think we're going to need a steady drum of them."
"Something as crazy as a Spawn-Spidey [Venom] be, I don't know, maybe. I never really had a compelling reason to do it, but you know, if part of it is that it helps a little bit in the stability of our industry, then maybe I should go back to doing manual labor and do my part. We should all be good soldiers somewhere along the line. So, yeah. We'll see where it all goes."

The question is, would Marvel Comics be open to this? Spider-Man and Venom are two of the biggest characters in their library. Spawn is, quite easily, one of the biggest comic book characters outside of the big two, Marvel and DC. With that in mind, a crossover could do big business, which would benefit all involved.

This isn't the first major crossover that has been floated recently. Other writers in the industry have championed the idea of a Marvel/DC crossover to help get things kickstarted once business resumes. While these characters may be the subjects of the biggest movies and TV shows around, the books themselves don't capture an audience nearly as big. Flashy event books could be what is needed to keep the industry afloat on the other side of this madness.

Meanwhile, Todd McFarlane has been trying hard to get his R-rated Spawn reboot made for the last few years. McFarlane is set on directing the movie himself. Recently, he said the success of Joker has opened new doors, which may help the project finally get off the ground. This news comes to us via