Todd McFarlane wants to make a new Spawn video game. He's even got some crazy ideas brewing, but the timing needs to be right. Fortunately, based on what the creator of the beloved Image Comics character is saying, the timing could very well be right in the not-too-distant future, if all goes well.

During a recent interview, Todd McFarlane was asked about the prospect of a video game based on the Spawn franchise. While he seems eager to get such a project going, ever the businessman, there is a wide range of actors McFarlane is going to consider before going down that road again. Here's what he had to say about it.

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"I hope so, I've got some crazy ideas. So I think so, but here's the thing is that I would have liked to seen a cool video or game of Spawn 10 years ago, but you have to be at the right place to right time because otherwise you don't get enough sales on it. And then they won't let you do a number two and a number three and a number four. We could have and we would have had probably moderate sales success. I'm way better off and I'm a patient man to just sort of wait and just start tumbling everything in a row."

A video game centered on the character, Spawn: The Video Game, was previously released for the Super Nintendo in 1995. Undoubtedly, one could do a whole lot more with modern technology, especially with the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 just around the corner. Speaking further, Todd McFarlane explained that this proposed project could hinge on the success of his long-discussed Spawn movie.

"So if a movie comes out and it does I think the business that it can do on a global level, then that tumbles in TV, and that can tumble animation and video games. Just doing it because you could over the last 20 years, it's not enough. It's not enough to do it. I could have put out more Spawn toys from my own toy company. But I didn't want to just put it out there and have average result. I would rather wait and get the stores excited so that they would then say at some point to me...If all of that sort of starts to line up, then it just, it makes everything else easy to push through that pipeline. And it becomes relevant, I guess that's the thing. I want to do it at a time that it matters and it's relevant."

The Spawn movie has been in development for years. Todd McFarlane cut a deal with Blumhouse Productions three years ago to get it made, but progress has been slow. Jamie Foxx is attached to star in the lead role, with Jeremy Renner on board as Twitch Williams. Luckily, McFarlane recently said that it is moving "full-steam ahead." So, with any luck, it will finally happen sooner rather than later.

Spawn, and much of the Image Comics catalog for that matter, represents a chance for studios not named Disney (who owns Marvel) and Warner Bros. (which controls DC) to get in on the comic book adaptation game. For now, those who wish to play as Spawn can do so in Mortal Kombat 11, as he was added as a playable character. This news comes to us via