Ricky Gervais is set to write, direct and produce a remake of the 2009 smash hit French comedy Special Correspondents. He will also star in the movie opposite Eric Bana.

The story will focus on Eric Bana's character, a struggling New York radio journalist who has found his career troubled by his own arrogance and decadent lifestyle. When he finds his job is in jeopardy, he decides to fake front line war coverage from the comforts of his luxurious hideout above a Spanish restaurant in the heart of Manhattan.

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In the 2009 original, the story revolved around France's mobilized efforts to free two kidnaped journalists in Iraq, though only the victims know that the crime has been faked. This new take on Special Correspondents is being co-produced by Bron Studios and Unanimous Entertainment in association with Creative Wealth Media Finance. WME Global will sell the domestic rights, while Protagonist Pictures is handling the sale overseas.

Special Correspondents marks Ricky Gervais' first directorial gig since taking on the 2010 dramatic comedy Cemetery Junction. His only other directorial feature is the 2009 comedy The Invention of Lying, which he starred in opposite Tina Fey.

Eric Bana was last seen on the big screen in this summer's hit thriller Deliver Us from Evil. He is currently filming The Finest Hours for Disney, and will then jump into the drama The Secret Scripture.