Speed Racer is zooming back onto the small screen. According to Variety, Lionsgate is planning on producing a new version of the 1960s' cartoon. It will air on Nickelodeon's twenty-four hour cartoon channel Nicktoons.

Lionsgate plans on making twenty-six new episodes. They will launch next year in conjunction with the big screen version of the property. Lionsgate executive Vice President of family entertainment Ken Katsumoto stated, "It seemed like the right time to do a revival. When this opportunity arose to revive such a classic property, we jumped."

Warner Brothers' film is not related to this new cartoon series in any way. But Katsumoto is looking at the theatrical release as a giant promotional tool for his new show. He continued, "What we're hearing from licensees is they love the longevity of a series brand. This franchise deserves more than a 10-week box office run. It deserves a five-year TV run."

Gotham-based Animation Collective will produce the new Speed Racer. The series sees a young Speed Racer entering a racing academy for the fastest kids on Earth. He soon discovers that he's the son of the legendary (and original series') Speed Racer. He also finds out in the first few episodes that he has a brother, the new Racer X, whom he never knew existed.

Series original Peter Fernandez will be back to voice Spritle. Katsumoto is planning on staying as true to the original as possible. Every three episodes of Speed Racer will operate together as a mini-movie.

You can look for the new Speed Racer cartoon to hit Nicktoons in the spring of 2008.